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Womens Sports Bras

Nexletica Pioneers in Women’s Sports Bras

At Nexletica, we pride ourselves on offering a versatile collection of sports bras suitable for a myriad of activities. Whether it's low-impact exercises such as yoga and Pilates or high-octane cardio workouts and weightlifting sessions, we've got you covered. Our sports bra for women come in a spectrum of support levels – from light to firm & adjustable Bras that you can set your comfort level on.

Crafted with plush, stretch-friendly fabrics, our long line sports bras and regular ones guarantee an unhindered range of motion. Plus, our colour palette ranges from vibrant hues to natural tones, allowing you to showcase your style while working up a sweat.

High Neck Sports Bra For Women

Women's sports bras, especially high neck sports bras, have become a staple in athletic wear for women everywhere. Whether you're a seasoned athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or just starting out, owning a quality woman's sports bra is essential for your activewear ensemble. This guide will delve deep into the importance and selection of sports bras, ensuring you pick the right one tailored for your physique.

Discover Different Styles: From Long Sports Bra to High Neck Sport Bra

Picking the ideal workout bra is crucial to guarantee utmost comfort and robust support. For activities like yoga and Pilates, a long sports bra or medium support bra suffices, granting gentle yet effective hold. In contrast, rigorous activities like running or weightlifting demand high neck sports bras or those with reinforced support.

Explore our collection to discover various styles, from padded and long line bras to High Neck Sports Bras with adjustable support level ensure you have the perfect level of comfort at all times.

Styling Your Nexletica Sports Bra

Pairing your Nexletica sports bra, whether it's a high neck sports bra or a long sports bra, can be a delightful affair. Many of our bras seamlessly complement our leggings, crafting a cohesive workout look. If you're in the mood to mix things up, team your bra with a gym top or hoodie for a chic, laid-back look.

The Imperative of Wearing a Women’s Sports Bra

Donning a sports bra isn't just a fashion statement; it's pivotal for safeguarding your breasts from potential harm during workouts. Activities exert strain on the Coopers Ligaments – fragile tissues responsible for maintaining breast structure. Proper support from a reliable sports bra can prevent unwarranted damage, discomfort, and sagging. In essence, the right bra can keep your breasts uplifted while reducing surrounding muscular fatigue.

All-Day Comfort with Nexletica Sports Bras

Certainly, wearing a sports bra all day is feasible, provided it fits impeccably and supplies ample support. Nevertheless, post-workout, switching out of your sweat-laden bra is pivotal to thwart sweat and bacterial accumulation, the precursors to skin irritation.

Choosing the PerfectSports Bra

Finding your ideal sports bra might seem daunting, but with our guidance, it becomes straightforward. Begin by ascertaining your bust and ribcage measurements to pinpoint your accurate bra size. Nexletica's comprehensive sports bra sizing guide aids you in discerning the impeccable fit. When sampling our bras, it should feel snug yet devoid of any tightness or chafing. A brief jogging or jumping test can further verify its efficacy.

How To Choose The Right Sports Bra

Support Level

Choose based on activity. High-impact exercises need bras like encapsulation or hybrid. For low-impact, compression bras are fine.


Go for fabrics that keep sweat away so you stay dry and comfy. Our Impulse and Freedom Collection are made with the Women's sports in mind, From Sweat Wicking Technology


It should fit snugly but not be too tight. The goal is to limit breast movement without pain.


Features like adjustable straps, cushioned cups, and easy-to-close backs make it more comfortable and convenient.

Sports Bras That Up Your Game For Your Toughest Workouts

Do you want to do some intense training sessions? We offer high impact bra designs ready with support to meet your next challenge. Conquer your workout painlessly with optimal ventilation and 4-step stretch for comfortable comfort at every step. Adjustable elastic strap ensures perfect fit for all torso sizes. For a figure-hugging look that shines light onto some of our best curves, our Geo Seamless Bras are ready for use.

Ultra Comfortable Designs For Any Occasion

Ultra Comfortable Designs For Any Occasion

The sports bra, a cornerstone of activewear, now promises unparalleled comfort both in the gym and during everyday tasks.

Gym Comfort

During high intensity workouts, comfort is paramount. The sports bra rises to the challenge, offering maximum support and sweat-wicking capabilities. Its design minimises unnecessary movement, ensuring you can push your limits in the gym without any distractions.

All-Day Wear

On busy days filled with errands, the sports bra is the unsung hero. Lightweight and breathable, it ensures you remain cool and comfortable from morning to evening. Whether you're dashing to the store, meeting friends for lunch, or simply on-the-go, its adaptive fit ensures day-long ease.

In Summary...

A premium sports bra, be it a long line sports bra or a high neck sport bra, is non-negotiable for any active woman. Nexletica is your one-stop destination for an eclectic range of bras designed for both comfort and maximum support. Dive into our collection today and discern the palpable difference in your workout comfort!

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